• BowHunter's Fatal Obsession

    Uncover the secret to BowHunters' Fatal Obsession's effectiveness in enhancing your hunting experience. Join the ranks of satisfied customers.

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    This Is Scrape Juice

    Founder Dennis Lewis knows how to bag a big buck with our renowned BHO deer attractant. Join the successful hunt.

  • Man with Whitetail Buck Trophy Scrape Juice 2024 Best Lure X-Rate Tarsal Juices


    Pro-Staffer, Curtis Kitchens, With his Buck. He nabbed this high grossing whitetail buck using our brand new attractant, X-Rate Tarsal Juice, A carefully crafted blend of territorial tarsal glands and doe estrus, formulated to attract large bucks to close range, Perfect for the seasoned bowhunter.

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Bucks Love The Stuff

Discover the Secret to Superior Ingredients with our Buck-Approved BowHunter's Fatal Obsession! Crafted for excellence!

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Below are some trail camera photos of bucks licking and tasting our carefully planted products. They absolutely go crazy for this stuff!