Our Field Staff

Jeff Hazenfield

Jeff Hazenfield is a passionate promoter of Scrape Juice, bringing his extensive experience and enthusiasm for hunting to the team. Jeff’s deep knowledge of deer behavior and hunting strategies makes him a valuable asset in showcasing the effectiveness of Scrape Juice products.

Curtis Kitchens

Curtis Kitchens is dedicated to promoting Scrape Juice, leveraging his hunting expertise to demonstrate the superior performance of these attractants. Curtis’s commitment to the brand helps hunters achieve success in the field.

Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson is a dynamic promoter of Scrape Juice and frequently features these products in his popular YouTube channel, Bowana911. Lee’s practical demonstrations and hunting tips highlight the real-world benefits of Scrape Juice attractants.

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Tyler Hazenfield

Tyler Hazenfield supports Scrape Juice with his passion for hunting and practical knowledge of the products. As a promoter, Tyler helps hunters learn effective attractant strategies.

Todd Jones

Todd Jones is an avid hunter and promoter of Scrape Juice. His firsthand experiences and effective use of these products underscore their reliability and effectiveness in the hunting community.

Man with Trophy Whitetail Buck using Top 2024 Scrape Juice Bowhunter's Fatal Obsession Deer Lure

Matt Adcock

Matt Adcock passionately promotes Scrape Juice, sharing his expertise and success stories with fellow hunters. Matt’s dedication to the brand ensures that more hunters can experience the advantages of Scrape Juice products.